Ready-To-Label Soy Candle

Ready-To-Label Soy Candle

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MOQ 36 Per Scent

Size: Net 4 oz

New! Ready to label soy candle tins. Choose your own scent + tin color

Our hand-poured organic soy wax candles are a potent non-toxic treat for your senses. They boast a cotton core wick and an estimated burn time of 15+ hours. 

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NEW* Add custom labels with YOUR LOGO here

We ship to you blank and ready for your own labels and branding.

* Please check the measurements and template with your container to ensure the desired fit. It is the customer's responsibility to conduct proper product compatibility testing with containers, closures, and design methods.

*Always check with your personal print vendor to make sure desired label size is available.

Top Panel Label Dimensions: 2.625" MAX Diameter

WARNING: To prevent fire: Burn within sight. Keep away from flammable items. Keep away from children & pets. Burn on heat-safe surface. For best results, burn until wax melts evenly across container, not exceeding 4 hrs. Keep wax pool free of debris. Keep wick centered and trim to 1/4” before each use. Avoid drafts. Never touch or move a hot candle. Stop burning when 1/2” wax remains.